We discover our feelings

The children in the butterfly circle go on a journey of discovery.

With the help of the book "Komm mit ins Gef├╝hleland" by Gerhard Friedrich and Viola de Galg├│czy, we embark on a journey to the individual feelings. One by one, we visit and get to know individual feelings such as joy, sadness, anger or curiosity.

What does this feeling do? Why do we feel this way? What are the reasons for it? What can you do when you are angry or sad? Is there anything that helps in such moments? And are there perhaps also things you shouldn't do in such moments, e.g. when you are angry?

Yes, there are! No matter how you feel, you always have to make sure that nobody gets hurt when you let your feelings out. Neither yourself nor others. Nothing should be broken either. Shouting with joy, screaming with anger, crying with sadness and squeezing a cuddly toy, asking questions out of curiosity and experimenting, getting help when you're scared... All of this and much more is perfectly okay.

And how do I feel today? We ask ourselves this question every day in the morning circle, discuss how we feel, why this is the case and if someone is not feeling so well, we think about what we can do to make it better.

One thing is very important: all feelings are ok and have their justification! But not every behavior that is shown is okay.

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Sarah Ritter
Team Little Feet - big steps