Chicken project in the nursery

The nursery recently held an exciting activity on the subject of chickens and their eggs, which was met with great enthusiasm by the children.

The children not only learned a lot about the basic characteristics of chickens, but were also able to gain practical experience, e.g. by examining different eggs. One of the most fascinating discoveries and surprising realizations was undoubtedly the variety of eggs that chickens lay. The children learned that chickens can lay not only white eggs, but also eggs in different colors such as turquoise, olive, spotted or dark brown and learned to classify which chicken breed lays which eggs. 

In addition to the hands-on experience with the hens' eggs, the children also enjoyed looking at books with, for example, pictures of cute little chicks frolicking in the meadow with their mothers.

Overall, the activity helped to awaken the children's interest in nature and its inhabitants and to gain a deeper understanding of the life of chickens. (Translated with, free version)


Anja Grzecznik 
Krippenteam Little Feet – big steps