A life in ice and snow

While winter is currently rather mild here, there is permanent ice and snow in other parts of the world.

Reason enough to explore the topic of "Arctic and Antarctic - life in ice and snow".

Last week, the pre-school children from the Dino group at the Little Feet - big steps bilingual children's centre visited the Poing community library to borrow books on the topic. Equipped with a large pile of books, we delved further into the topic and learnt lots of interesting and new things. The pre-school children were particularly interested in icebergs and their formation. Experiments were therefore carried out to understand why icebergs float and why the majority of the iceberg is under water.

The children also want to learn more about the construction of igloos, icebreakers and the life of penguins in the coming weeks. An exciting topic with lots to learn and discover.


Stefanie J├╝rgens
Team Little Feet -  big steps