Boock donation from Canon

A large, bulging box full of books and greetings cards surprised us before the Christmas holidays. But where did this box come from?

The doorbell rang and an employee from Canon in Poing was standing outside with the box.

The Canon employees had thought up a wonderful Christmas campaign. They asked us if we had any book requests that they would organise and donate to us as part of this campaign. They asked for a list of book titles that we need in the daycare centre. The Canon employees were allowed to voluntarily choose, buy and donate a book from this list. After a very large turnout, we received a full box of books for all areas of the Sudetenstraße children's centre.

We would like to thank all the generous donors from Canon in Poing!  (Translated with, free version)


Claudia Haid
stellv. Leitung Kinderhaus Sudetenstraße