THANK YOU for the donation!

Last autumn, the teachers worked together with the Akademie Werkstattpädagogik on the concept of the functional rooms.

A team day was also organised for this purpose.

In our functional rooms in the kindergarten, we offer the children many opportunities to learn and work independently. What is needed to make these activities work even better for the children without them always needing help from adults? What is currently lacking? What can we improve and what do we need to do so? These were the key questions and we did a lot of planning and found new ways and ideas.

We were very, very THANKFUL when the Schweiger tax office in Poing (Steuerkanzlei Schweiger) assured us of their financial support before the team day! Because we also needed some materials for our ideas.

We were able to purchase new tiptoi® pens, headphones and some technical accessories for our library and media rooms. We were also able to get boxes for our books to give us a better overview. We were also able to move in a new doll's kitchen with accessories. In the construction room, the children are happy about the many colourful dominoes.

There were lots of ideas and lots of little things that enrich our everyday life immensely! All in all, a total of € 1100 was raised, which the kind people at the Schweiger tax office donated to us. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Bastian Ober
Leitung Kinderhaus Sudetenstraße

(Translated with, free version)