Festival of lights

A sparkling spectacle of lights and song lit up the streets on the evening of 10 November 2023 as the families of the bilingual children's house came together for a magical festival of lights.

The weather gods shone with us and gave us a clear sky, which was perfect for the traditional lantern parade at 5 pm. Homemade lanterns shone in a warm glow, accompanied by cheerful singing from the children, accompanied by carers, parents, siblings and grandparents.

The lantern procession was not only a visual feast, but also an acoustic delight, accompanied by songs that warmed the hearts and chased away the darkness.

After a magical procession, everyone returned to the kindergarten, where an inviting fire blazed in the garden and provided cosy warmth. The children sang together around the campfire, enjoyed home-baked St Martin's goose and tucked into some children's punch, mulled wine and a sausage roll.

The generous support of Edeka Pfeilstetter, who enriched the festival with great commitment, deserves special mention. The children's centre is grateful for local companies that are so committed.


The supporting parents also deserve the highest recognition. Their commitment to the kindergarten and their active support in organising and running this enchanting festival showed what a close-knit and dedicated community we are.


The warmth of the bonfire, the shining lanterns and the warm company made this festival of lights an unforgettable event that will linger in the hearts of all participants for a long time to come.
(Translated with deepl.com, free version)


Theresa Grädler
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