Building garden chairs with BayWa hardware store

On September 13th and 14th we had an amazing opportunity to renew our outdoor kitchen.

Mr. Keagan from the hardware store BayWa in Poing invited us to join him in building some new wooden furniture for our outdoor kitchen. So we got ready and gathered all preschoolers of our bilingual children’s house “Little Feet - big steps” and headed for a walk to BayWa.

Mr. Keagan welcomed us there and he even cut some wood for us to match our measurements which we had thoroughly planned beforehand. On the first day we built a rainwater collector. On day two we got so good at working with wood that we built not two, not three, but six brand new chairs for our outdoor kitchen. We had so much fun building these days and we even had a chance to put our creations in our garden and manage all that before lunch time.

Now, when some time has passed by, we want to get back to the hardware store and thank Mr. Keagan and his team from BayWa Poing.


Dario Dizdarevic
Fachkraft Sprachkita “Little feet - big steps”